How to keep your guests entertained at weddings?

Coming up with ways to entertain guests would depend on the guests and how well the wedding couple knows them. If the couple tying the knot is looking to entertain their guests before the wedding, there is always a lot to do in Goa. The options are, hanging out at a beach, maybe checking out the casinos, heading to parties along the seashore, trying the different types of Goan cuisine or even heading out for drives and other trips throughout this small yet beautiful state.

Sometimes, the wedding celebration also sees a lot of delays, these could be caused due to a bunch of factors. Ideally, though, these are usually handled by the MC but sometimes they too need help. If the bride and groom are late at the reception either because the mass was delayed, the locations were too far, or there was heavy traffic between venues, the band steps in to keep the crowd entertained for a little bit.

Constant reminders to the crowd that they could be entering the building at any point in time also works to keep the crowd at bay. The bar being open is another interesting turn of events that seems to make everyone’s night. The photographers working on getting their pictures clicked as soon as possible so the event is not delayed further, would be completely helpful. Also check out:

Goa also has an excellent nightlife which can be great for pre and post parties!  Calangute, Baga and Anjuna are hotspots for clubbing that you and your guests can explore